Mifuko - Small White Basket with Blue Stripes

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Since 2009 Mifuko has combined beautiful Nordic designs with quality Kenyan craftsmanship. Mifuko baskets and totes make decorative storage pieces and elegant fashion accessories.

Mifuko collaborates with local women's empowerment groups in rural Kenya, providing the women flexible and safe work with regular income. Mifuko is a certified member of the World Fair Trade Organization

Each basket and tote is signed by the artisan who has made it. By purchasing a Kiondo basket you become an essential part of this story. 

Measurements: Small

Materials: Sisal and recycled plastic

Color: White and blue

Origin: Kenya

*Each basket is handmade so size and shape may vary. The basket diameter and/or height may be about 3 cm / 1” smaller or larger than indicated in the size chart below.

Size      Diameter      Height

XS          6"                   6.3"

S             9.5"               8.3"

M            11.8"              11"

L             13.8"               15.8"

XL           15.7"             20.9"

XXL         19.7"            11.8"